ApexLib Schema Export

The ApexLib Schema Export Tool helps you to extract EVERYTHING out of one database schema.

With a simple click you get one .SQL File containing all Tables, Views, Triggers, Packages, DATA and APEX Applications.

Read the Blog posting and Download it.

There is also an online Demo (without Export functionality), just to see what it looks like.

Customize APEX Workspace Login Page

ApexLib_Loginpage.js provides a single function to customize the Look of the APEX Workspace Login Page.

Read the Blog posting and Download it

Recreate APEX Translations

ApexLib_Recreate_Translations.sql updates the APEX Translation table with the translations of your shadow application.
This is needed, then you accidently lost/deleted your APEX Translations and have no backup of your XLIFF Files.

Read the Blog posting and Download it

new - ApexLib XLIFF Export Tool - Beta !

The ApexLib XLIFF Export Tool gives you the comfort in dealing with APEX Translations you ever dreamed of.
It adds tons of informations like Application Structure and Context to the XLIFF File which is shown in your XLIFF Editor.
Now you know where the text is located and what type of text it is (Item Label, Region Title, ...).

Read the Blog posting!